Ethnographic Practicum

The Anthropology Department & The International School at the University of Haifa, Israel


International Ethnographic Practicum

For BA, MA and PhD Students in the Social Sciences and Humanities

Program Length: 1 semester (Begins October 2020 or March 2021) or 2 semesters

Why our Study Abroad Program?

· Explore diverse cultural, religious and political lived experience from the "ground up"

· Acquire or hone skills in qualitative ethnographic fieldwork

· Undertake a research project of your choice

· Hands on assistance with selection of and entry into field and research design

· Formulate research findings to enrich academic work at home university

· Create academic ties with faculty mentors and partner up with Israeli students

· University of Haifa student body offers a diverse cultural mosaic

· International School staff provide supportive home away from home

Our Faculty provide mentorship in diverse subfields:

· Gender Studies, Palestinian Studies, Political and Economic Anthropology

· Global Health, Reproduction, Medical and Psychological Anthropology

· Memory Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Human Rights

· Ethnomusicology and Popular Culture, Material Culture, Urban Studies

MA and BA level Course Work:

· Weekly Practicum Workshop (6 points) – methodology, ethics, data collection and ethnographic writing

· English Language elective on topic of interest (3 points)

· Optional Hebrew or Arabic Language Course (6 points)

Eligibility: Enrollment in an accredited University, TOEFL English Exam

Tuition: One Semester – BA and MA 6000 USD, PhD 5000 USD

Two Semesters – BA and MA 10,000 USD, PhD 9000 USD

Heath Care Included (Partial Merit Based Scholarships Available).

Credit Transferred to Home University

Customize your own PhD Practicum Program

· PhD Weekly Workshop– Supportive community of mentors and peers during PhD design, data analysis or writing up

· Assistance towards pilot study, PhD field work, comparative data collection

· Elective course and Language course optional

· Audit courses if credit not required

· Create academic ties for new mentorship and future collaboration

· Attend lectures and create ties at Haifa University research centers


Dept. of Anthropology: Program Head and Dept. Chair -Dr. Carol Kidron,

International School: Ms. Schirin Schenkermayar

Application: Please submit Transcripts, Statement of Interest (400 words), Mandatory Medical Forms; Study Abroad Approval Form; Academic Recommendation Form